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Originally Posted by Erin View Post
It is easier to remain in an unhappy, verbally abusive, monagomous relationship and tolerate lonliness, isolation, abstinence, and despair than to take the big risk and face homelessness, bancruptcy, and familial embarassment. Wouldnt you agree?
For fifteen years I agreed with you... 2 years ago I stood up and said no more... This year I face up to my own heart and desires, needs and wants... I would still choose impending homelessness over the torment and guilt I suffer for having put my children through the hell I did - simply because I could not walk away...

the potential for them losing the happiness and stability they have found with my current partner is profound... but I have to say I believe they will be better off if I choose my own deep happiness... after all, regardless of the choices I make - they have to live with them... they will always have to live with the results of my choices... Ultimately, they need me to be strong and stable for them - if I am not happy, if I am compromising who I am - it will be to their detriment - as well as my own.
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