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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Ummm, yeah. We've got lots of "bad areas" in the States. If you mean poor people who don't pay much taxes for school facilities, and whose kids grow up in situations where they feel they need gang protection to survive.
Okay, yeah... we have that in the UK too, was kinda going for tongue-in-cheek there but I think my aim was off. Basically the worst schools are invariably the inner city attached-to-a-council-estate type thing... but overall the education system here is pretty good. Shame the gubmint keep dicking about with it. Interestingly there is a trend developing where poor inner city kids from unemployed families are rebelling by performing well academically and getting decent jobs!

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
How about "America is Number One! And we're gonna prove it by drinking lots of Bud and shooting off fireworks in each others' faces!" ?
<culturalstereotyping>YEE-HAW! U! S! A! *splode*</culturalstereotyping>
It saddens me when people are ignorant of their own heritage. There are people here who don't know what the Battle of Britain was.
Actually, it's both big and clever.

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