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I think one can be exceptionally loving, and a great partner and lover, and not be terribly "romantic" in the Hollywood sensibility of the term.

And I suppose there's a lot of overlap between these two, whatever they are.

The "hollywood version" (shorthand, here) is ... you know, lots of candlelight dinners with stemmed wineglasses, with extra points for a burning log in the fireplace and "romantic" music (another topic!)..., lots of love letters, poems..., ???!?

And then there's the day-to-day lovingness... a kiss hello and goodby, and/or a hug, the saying of the words "I love you"..., and actually showing that you're/they're loved with various voluntary gestures -- simple gifts, offering a shoulder or foot massage... listening to the other with interest and speaking from the heart..., basic kindness and warmth.

I like a little "romance" of the "Hollywood" sort now and then, but the bread and butter is the more everyday, "mundane" life out of Hollywood.

I'd love to hear other folks thoughts on all of this, of course, as I'm not convinced I'm that much of a "romantic" these days, myself. Maybe I am and don't even know it?
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