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Default Family time with PN's family

It's not very often that we all get together with PN's Mom and step dad. Last night we were all invited over to decorate for XMAS and celebrate RP's birthday. His parents are very loving people ans his step dad is one of the most engaging people I have met (although I can barely keep up with him!). His mom is a beautiful spirit and I find she radiates a love for life that is expressed in her smile. She gave me and PN an excruciatingly pleasant neck/shoulder message because for some reason both RP's men have kinks in their figure it out

I enjoyed a great evening of food, celebration and discussion. Life's pretty good

Now it is day two of RP's birthday week. She's got her women's group to facilitate and I have some dry cold roads to ride for the afternoon. Then it's tea with her parents and gifts! Woohoo!!

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