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For me the issue was about my child, being quiet shy in social settings. However, super confident and okay in social situations where she knows people.

Her private school, was withholding information from us about her needing extra time to write on papers and tests. Turns out she has a learning issue called dysgraphia. She was bullied by a group of boys. The lead one had a horrible home life. Small school struggling more interested in keeping the tuition and covering the damage. However, when she got the black eye and they didn't call or do anything, hell rained down from a pretty angry Mom (me) and Dad.

The public school is very good in our town. However, we made a decision for the smaller group as for her low immune system. Turns out we were wrong.
She is an only child. With her health issues we needed her to heal.

I did love huge parts of homeschooling. However, in the long run it was best for her to go to school. We are once again dealing with some bullies. She is just very meek, comes from her birth mothers personality. She is in therapy to deal with her illness and the public school is taking a hard line with the kids. She is also learning to stand up for her self.

If I had more children, I would homeschool her. We have been fortunate for the past two years that she has had the two best teachers in her grade.
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