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I'm in the uk and home educating my 6year old (and 2.5year old).

We go out to home educating group meetups at least twice a week, we spend lots of time at friends houses cooperating organising science activities or doing cooking etc. Here in the uk she would have been expected to start school full time just 2 months after her fourth birthday. She was nowhere near ready, so we're into our third year of home educating and mostly really enjoying it.

Like LR I would love some days to have that 6 hours alone (or with my toddler) but its not worth it once we consider the downsides of school for our family. My husband is a pilot, can't take any of his holidays during school holiday times so we wouldn't be able to go on holidays hardly at all with him. He also works a lot of evenings and weekends, so he would very rarely see our daughter if she was in school.
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