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Hi Bean,

My thoughts.............

Seems you have a choice (and are already choosing by your writing) here.
You can choose to look at the new person/relationship in a positive light. Or you can choose the conditioned fear route and paint it all black before you even see it.

It's entirely in your hands hun !

There could be tremendous potential brewing here for you all. New friendships, new love, new sex, new ideas, new perspectives. An adventure. You can look for and anticipate the possibilities on the positive side just as much as the negative.
As far as the distance element is concerned, that stands on it's own. Unless something changes on someone's part that brings you closer to each other, the long distance relationship will follow the course of all such relationships. But when people truly love each other they find a way to keep that closeness. Love has that funny way of forcing things to happen
You have to accept that. Distance vs proximity always does have SOME bearing on our actions. I guess it's a practical, convenience thing.

That has nothing to do with her - personally - at this point. Not fair to blackmark her in advance just because she happens to live where she does, and you live where you do. That's only a side effect of his current lifestyle. As you say, there are, or will be others too. I suggest getting used to it until something physical changes.

A chance here to make a new friend/lover/companion/who knows. Are you open ?

Which will you choose ?

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