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Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
If I may speak to the broader situation, I would strongly caution you that your metamour may be a cowgirl looking to cut your husband out of your herd. She has already stated her desire for a man of her own. And she wants yours. I would watch her actions carefully to determine whether she is moving to cut you out.
This was my impression as well. Her comments seem very selfish and all about her and not about her love for your husband. This women says she wants children with your husband, but doesn't think twice about pulling him away from the children he already has. What's going to happen if she gets her wish and has a child with your husband, will your children be abandond for the new ones?

Now the part of me that always wants to think the best of people is saying, that it's time for a sit down with all three of you to have a serious discussion about boundries. Sometimes, it takes a situation to develop before any of us realize that there could be a problem. It's time to voice your observations, not through your husband but directly to her and him together, maybe they are both so deep in NRE that they just don't see it, maybe not.
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