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Originally Posted by ray View Post
Homeschooling is an interesting topic for me. I can never decide whether it's wonderful or awful.
It's definitely both.

We're lucky on this note to be in Alaska.
Check out this website-

That's a state program that coordinates homeschoolers in Alaska. It's not the ONLY one-but it's the biggest. It rocks.

We're connected to HUNDREDS of other families all within a 100 mile radius of us. If we wanted to we could participate in activities with other families every day of every week of the whole year!

Our whole Scout Pack was homeschoolers and it was a HUGE pack.
I organized the homeschool prom for 2 years-well over 100 kids each year attended.
We have a swim co-op that meets weekly-75 students.

My kids have more socialization as homeschoolers than I ever had as a public school student-and they are getting a MUCH better education. Our public education system is the pits.

It wasn't a religious reason for us-it was academic. I want my kids to have a chance at a GOOD future-and the public school isn't the ticket. All of them are high on their test scores and at 10 years old Sweet Pea is halfway through 6th grade and reading and writing at a highschool level.
Our oldest went to public school for kindergarten-the teacher told me he couldn't do a thing for her-he was teaching kids their abcs, she was already reading chapter books and doing multiplication. Halfway through the year I took her out.
She went to a private school for 1st-3rd grade, but I couldn't afford to keep her there even though we loved it.

I pull a pretty tight rein on what I expect OF their work-but how we organize the days/weeks/months-I'm lenient on. It's worked well-they're all ahead.
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