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I homeschool for a year and a half. My child was ill and just not up to going to school. Instead of having teachers traipsing in at night, I decided to go this route. Socialization wasn't a huge dilemna, I hooked up with a non religious group in my state. We went to our first event which was a not back to school beach day the day school started. Met more then 80 people. Got play dates, and got information on other social, study groups and other things.

She had an awesome time. She was shy at first but hooked up right away.

We also did some radical unschooling, part of the health issues she had were caused by chronic illness worsened by bullying at school. The bullies had no ramifications even when she had a black eye. So we found subjects she loved and went deep in. We did a polar bear project that involved reading, science and study of enviromental groups.

We also got into reading about pyramids and studying the egyptians. Tons of stuff. For Math we did go a more traditional route, but used an online game.

Wasn't easy for me. However, it did allow her body and spirit to heal. We did go to this really cool radical homeschooler event in the middle of the winter. We found lots of people their with alternative lifestyles including poly.

While I enjoyed our homeschool, I enjoy my time alone. I just had it out with the school over some issues we were having about her health. I told them if they didn't get on the stick, we would be going to homeschool again. They freaked and fixed things.
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