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Default Erm...fuck

@NeonKoas: No it's cool, I didn't mean to lose my shit. I'm not mad about it or anything.

@SNeacail: It was more a frustration vent more than anything else and yes it was about the fact I didn't know what to do.

In my posts, I'm not trying to come off as a petulant child, most of the time when I write all this stuff I'm very emotional. I understand how it may be hard for people to wade through all the bullshit and actually try and give me advice but it does make things easier for me.

Anyhow....a few days ago Ariel and Vegeta broke up with us. Yeah, sucks huh? I got a text message from Marius when I was at work telling me, she didn't want them to tell me in person as I am liable to flip out. After that, I got a long text from Ariel, saying how she still loved me but it was platonic and that she still considered me family. Also said some crap about how she needed me....whatever. I still haven't had a conversation with either of them about it as I've been trying to collect my thoughts on everything.

Honestly, what bothers me most of the fact that they never broke it off with Andulvar. I don't know if they figured that I would do it for them, or someone else would but it still hasn't happened and it's a real bitch and a half. They never really got close to him, didn't even try, hell Ariel tried with me a bit but Vegeta seemed to half ass it. Makes me feel like we weren't a big deal to them, but because of why? Because I didn't put out? To me, they seem more like the type to be swingers instead of poly.

I'm rather torn....I understand Ariel's desire to be with just her primary (that was their reason for breaking up) but that doesn't make it hurt less. It doesn't make me want to be less petty, or to not make them hurt. It doesn't make me less pissed off at how they are treating my fucking husband, or my other partners. They haven't been home and they avoid everyone; I can't tell if it's because Vegeta is grieving or if they are just that uncomfortable.

I'll update when I talk with of right now I'm still trying to decide if I can be friends with them.
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