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Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
I agree with NK, although I see your pov, Danny.

I've never really enjoyed the "interview" type getting-to-know-you conversations. I'd much rather engage in the chill-out, hang-out, have fun meet-and-greets.

I just meet people in the course of everyday life. I guess I'm pretty laid-back about it. I'm not one of those people that realizes they're poly then feels compelled to find more relationships. My whole take on it is there are people I ALREADY know or have been in love with in the past that I don't necessarily have to forget about being with just because I'm married.

When it comes to meeting new people, I'm open to whatever might come of it. This could be a new cat-friend, a new FWB, a new SO, something else, or nothing at all. I often meet people that I'm attracted to without expecting it, and most of the time nothing comes of it, or at least not right away according to some expectation. It's not as though I'm looking for more love-relationships and trying to find people who fit that role. It's more like "Wow, you're pretty cool, let's hang out together more" (Hi Mags!) and it leads where it leads.
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