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Default Hi there... big question!!

Hi all...

I hope someone can help me out here.

I am considering talking to my partner about taking other lovers. Not for myself to take them, for her to take them.

She is a very highly sex-orientated woman and it appears I do not satisfy her to the fullest sexually.

We have been together 3 years and have a lovely son, and we get on very very well. However, she is considerably younger than myself, I am 48, she is 21.

I believe she feels she has given up her youth and 'fun' days to be with me, and I believe perhaps she is right.

I am willing, really, to accept her taking other lovers if I have the confidence, from you guys, that it can be a beneficial thing in this scenario.

My hope is that through it, we will grow even closer and perhaps, even, our sex life will be a little more meaningful.

I know she would respect me for allowing this, although to be honest, I do not yet know if it is what she would like... its just a hunch.

She has, in the past, mentioned the thought of an 'open relationship' and I feel this might be a suitable alternative.

I welcome your discussion and views.

Thanks, and regards.
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