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Thanks everybody for your help!

Ok, so the big messages I'm getting from everyone are:
- Have my husband make me feel like a priority
- Build up my self-confidence
- Be myself (but maybe not too scared to slut it up a little)
- If it impacts our relationship, don't do it (Selene)
- Figure out future issues (eg. what happens if we has kids, what happens if he falls in love) (redpepper)

The last one is a bit hard, because, like I have mentioned, it is hard to discuss these things because of his ADD. I'm going to try to talk to him more when he is in good mood and more focused, which will probably be less painful for the both of us.

He gets upset with himself (for not finishing things, not having goals, not feeling motivated) as both a symptom and a product of his ADD. He then gets angry at 'monogamy' because it doesn't motivate him. I think he doesn't mean to make me feel bad, but he is in such a bad mood, it's hard for me not to feel bad. While I have my own issues, I think it's his attitude toward himself that is the bigger problem. I was busy thinking I was the problem and being upset that I didn't see it.

So, while I'll work on the stuff above, I'm also going to help my husband feel better about himself.

Thanks everyone! If you have anymore advice/help I'll be glad to hear it too.

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