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My wife and I have homeschooled both of our children.

Why? Because...initially, it was because the public school system touts "no religion" all over the place. They say "separate church and state"....The reality, is that they want to keep christianity out. Other religions are readily taught. When my daughter came home from school complaining about how she had to memorize a passage from the quran....I was livid! I told her that when they started teaching about islam or other religions in school, she had my permission to ask to be excused from class. I told her to do it politely. She took it upon herself to actually turn it into a protest, and turned her desk around during those teachings. When the principal called and told me what was going on, I asked why my daughter now knows more about islam, than she knew about christianity. They said they had to teach all religions equally. I asked when they would be touching on the bible and what verses. They said they wouldn't be as it wasn't legal to do so. So....I told them that until they started obeying the laws and keeping religion...ALL of it, out of schools, I would be keeping my children out of public schools.

Fast forward to more recent times...about 5 years ago, we actually didn't have the time to teach my son, and he wanted to go to public school so bad. So...we allowed it. And when he came home with C and D grades...and his teacher was writing in his agenda book, that he was "stupid".....We went to the principal. We wanted to know how this teacher still had a job. The principal defended her teachers actions, and actually called the police and had us both banned from the school property. So....We were FORCED to homeschool.

Our son now gets B and C grades.

We have no faith in the American public school system.

There ARE laws in certain states regarding homeschooling. Some are more relaxed than others. Here, the child can move at their own pace. It is easiest if you utilize the state approved program online. It is void of any religious class content, and is fairly easy to use. We have used this system for 4 years now.

The cool/downfall part, is that here, even though it is a state run program, there is no actual highschool diploma given by the state. However, WE are allowed to award the child one, and assuming the states requirements are met, it can be signed by US! is perfectly legal and accepted by MOST colleges and trade schools. Our daughter is enrolled at a local massage therapy school, and will be starting classes there on January 10th....alongside my wife.

So, for us...we think it's pretty cool, that our daughter was awarded her HS diploma by US, signed by US, and is also enrolled in higher education alongside my wife.
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