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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
I don't think triads are the "red-headed children" of relationships, but I do think that people sometimes get fixated on triads as the "preferred configuration", especially couples who are opening their relationship for the first time. Instead of taking people as they come, they act as if there is an "ideal third" floating around out there somewhere who will "complete their relationship" and the search is on to "find that person".
"...they act is if there is an ideal third floating around out there somewhere who will complete their relationship..." Is this a bad thing?

My wife and I found that very person. Someone that helps to complete our relationship. Someone that fits into our life seamlessly. Known her for 6 years and she's lived with us for 3.

I've never been in a V so I can't say whether it or a triad is more complicated, but I sure do know that a triad is A LOT of work. All poly relationships require a lot of dedication to making them successful.

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