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Originally Posted by Raven View Post
Just MHO. I'm an American and I was home schooled from preschool through high school (I'm now a senior in college).
Raven, nice to hear from an obviously well-educated and articulate homeschooled "kid."

My ex and I homeschooled our 3 kids. I was the primary educational facilitator, and he had a good job which allowed me to stay home. Both of us are have bachelor's degrees but didn't feel challenged enough by our public school educations, so we made the joint decision to homeschool our kids.

We used the form called "unschooling," letting our children create their own curriculums according to their interests. I homeschooled them all the way thru, "preschool" to age 18. We were secular homeschoolers, not right wing Christian ones.

We weren't home much. We spent lots of time on "field trips" and out in the community, nature, libraries, museums, and doing projects with other homeschoolers.

My kids did sports, art and science classes, scouts, Unitarian Universalist youth groups and community service, etc.

When the 2 oldest got to college, they tested differently for placement. One girl was able to skip Basic English. Both had to take remedial math, where they learned 6 yrs of middle and high school maths in 2 semesters. They'd never do formal math with me. But they were ready for it when they hit college age.

As far as socialization goes, true, they didnt have a huge class of kids their age to be with as kids in a large high school would. But they were often complimented on their good manners, self-motivation, compassion, and ability to see the big picture, in scouts and other social situations. I've met lots of schooled kids and adults who have more social anxiety than them... just because you are thrown together with hundreds of kids each day doesn't automatically mean you will be healthily socialized (quite the contrary, in many cases).
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