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We live in Canada as well & I would have gladly homeschooled if I had the patience and we had been able to afford it.

Our school system, while not the worst, could certainly use an over haul! (Maybe it's the government that needs the over haul?) Things I took for granted when I went to school here some 25 years ago are not even in the budget today!

Example: my sons are in grade ten. During parent night I asked about my son not bringing home a text book so he could study. They do NOT have individual texts any more! It isn't in the budget. They would rather photo copy the pertinent pages & have the students loose them!

The school system no longer supplies even the basics like tissue (it's winter here people! This means cold, snow & the flu! We need tissue!)

In grade school each family had to send two boxes of tissues to share among the class!

I would homeschool simply so my kids could have the one on one time they need in order to excel. As it is now they are just floating through, waiting to get their grade 12 diploma so they can get their full driver's license! (We're on graduated licencing & they can NOT get their full license until they get that diploma or reach a certain age.)

Sorry, I didn't mean for this to turn into a rant.
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