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PN is out for his first men's group tonight. They are calling it the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG). Which I think is hilarious. They are all out at a local pub telling their stories and coming up with their version of what poly foundations they have. So awesome and I'm so glad they finally got going.

I run the women's group here. Or "A" women's group anyways.. I know there could be others. I find it fascinating how they are conducting their group and really enjoy talking to the facilitator about his experience thus far. There are so many similarities in that they had some complaints about the terminology and how they identify as "men" and what the mandate is.

In the mean time Mono and I are sitting here getting drunk on martini's (dirty and wet) and up grading our phones and looking for an alternative to "limewire".... heh such geeks. Well, Mono is, I'm foruming,,,, obviously.

This weekend brings; tree decorating at PN's mum's, going to a DJ show tomorrow night (Basenector) and then the women's group Sunday.... 20 women is the expectation! Geezuz! Then I celebrate my birthday with the family.... 41 and getting younger and happier every year My actual birthday is on the 7th though.
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