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I live in Canada, but there is some similarities. Really, the school system is old school here. The teachers try, but they are so behind the times. There is not enough room for modern technology and in an ever increasing technological world its important.

Other than that, in our city anyways, there have been several schools close due to cut backs and the kids are moved to other schools and into classrooms with up to 35 kids in them. Kindergarten is filled to the brim with kids and kids don't get the attention they rightly should have.

We send LB to a private school. It's a cheap school run by parents. Its a lot of work as we have to do a lot of work ourselves to keep it going, but the cost is cheap. He is in a class of 10 kids, 2-3 split. There are 30 kids in the school. It's a community really, a family.

There are many of these types of schools cropping up because of the failure of the school system. I think it is a good alternative to home schooling, which would make me want to fall on my knife really... my hat goes off to home schoolers. I would seriously kill someone or myself first if I had to stay home... just no cut out for it. Small independent schools offer the same effect, with more socialization and less of parental involvement, but more than public school.

Having gone to school here and in Britain (Cardiff, Wales) in the 80's, I can honestly say that back then and likely today, there is a huge difference in quality of education at the grade school and highschool level. I did my O levels and A levels over seas and failed several classes due to the lack of standard I was used to. It was there that it became evident that I have dyslexia... in highschool! Like what the fuck?! How did that not get recognized!?

Anyways, I think at university level there is some leveling out, but really, I don't know where it's at now as I have graded with a masters 10 plus years ago now.

I am pleased with how if goes for LB. He is happy, challenged and involved with every moment at school. There is no time for him to stray from what is going on. They have time and energy to talk to him and are genuinely interested in hi success. I love the school he is in! such a good choice. I hear of other kids his age getting into trouble through boredom. I hear of the mainstream agenda that they are subjected to and I know that that is not what we want for our child. I put a link on my fb about it... I will see if I can find it. Here it is
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