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I'm so sorry Bob took it hard, and that he was hurt. And I'm sorry too that you are hurting. You did the right thing, and you've shown yourself to be a woman of character and integrity. You deserve to be proud of yourself for that.

But that doesn't lessen the pain of the loss. I know. And my heart goes out to you, dear Tiana.

As you find your way through this healing process, keep reminding yourself that you did the wise and compassionate thing by revealing your true self. As much as your heart aches now, imagine how much worse it might have been if you had waited five years, or ten, concealing the truth in your heart from your husband. Perhaps that part of you that you kept hidden would wither and die, and that part of you would be lost forever. Perhaps, instead, that part of your self would refuse to be denied, and would roar like a lion in a cage, demanding its freedom, and once loosed, who could say what damage might be done then?

No, you were right to hold fast to your integrity. Continue to hold fast, SisterWoman. Be strong. Better days are coming.

And SNeacail has given you excellent advice. Helping others, we help ourselves.
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