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It's not really that she's making it a competition. It's that I feel like I can't keep up with her.

We have conversations all the time. I think we're pretty good at communicating. Better than my last relationship, at least. I mentioned "it feels like a competition" today, and she said "no no. you like her. she likes you. i just want you to kiss her already". She's frustrated with me because she thinks I'm not living up to my own potential?

Last week she saw a guy she's seen before, then her ex visited for a few days, then Tuesday had a date with another guy but he canceled, then yesterday a date with a new guy that went well, and just now she told me about another new one who has asked her out. Meanwhile I've only gone on a single date with someone else in the 4 months that we've been dating. She's not doing anything wrong, and it's not her fault; the disparity is just overwhelming. :/

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