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How did we get from "men are pigs" to salad dressing????

I don't believe that all men are pigs and are just out to get laid at all. There are a lot of good guys out there who genuinely care about other people and want to develop friendships. I think part of the problem comes from a lot of men growing up with the idea that if they don't try to become sexual with a woman right away that they will end up in the "just a friend" role.

I find internet dating sites to be a lot like the bar scene. It's really kind of hit and miss (more miss than hit). There are a lot of people of both genders on those sites who are just looking for NSA sex but who probably wouldn't object to something more developing. I prefer to meet people in real life rather than on the internet. I prefer for connections to happen organically rather than with the shopping mentality of dating sites.

When people go on dating sites they generally have an end result in mind when they are going to meet a new person. When they meet that person if it isn't instant romance or instant sex the meeting can be perceived as failure. The no pressure meeting in real life allows people to be who they are and to relate to each other in a natural way.
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