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Originally Posted by TheAudGirlOut View Post
Ship has sailed as in he's today who he'll be forever. He stands behind what he believes versus my approach -try everything once and evolve as needed.
I don't know if that has anything to do with age. It might just be the type of person he is. My mom told me once that there are 3 types of people, the play doh type who easily change and mold throughout their entire lives; the clay type who tend to change easily as young people but get pretty set in their ways at a certain point and are hard to change after that and the rock type, those whom are who they are at a very early age and with whom it takes a lot of work and chipping away at layers to have them change any aspect of who they are. No one type is better than another but with your husband if he is to change it will be a slow process, be patient with him.
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