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Originally Posted by gwendolenthefair View Post
Oh, and the one-penis policy? Any woman who puts up with it in her relationships should ask herself, "Why does my man think it's less serious, less threatening, doesn't "count," as much when I am with a woman as when I am with a man? Could he be sending me a message that women themselves just don't matter as much as men?"

The only reason, as I see it, to EVER adopt a one-penis policy is if the couple is trying to get pregnant and doesn't want any potential questions about paternity. Otherwise, it's a bunch of controlling, sexist BS.
Amen, sister. The OPP devalues female and lesbian sexuality and IMO is a bad sign about how comfortable a partner is with poly.

What's to say my girlfriend isn't going to be more of a 'risk' than my boyfriend? She might be waaaaay better at oral sex, after all
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