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I've come to realize that I'm not much good at updating when things are rockin'. Things have gone awesome so far. In a quick update, we hit the in-laws for the holidays and bumped into an old friend who was up for the unicorn invite, only thing is she's lookin more like a cowgirl from a distance. We didn't seal the deal because of family obligations and I'm kinda glad. Next time we're in that state I'll approach with more caution. Julio and I talked about her when we got home and he said she pulled him aside and spilled her guts about how he's always been "The One." She really appeals to both of us and it was flattering to have some attention. But...

In other news, the story with Haylee hasn't progressed much, I've learned real fast not to expect any kind of response. She will only return text between the hours of 8:30pm-10pm so any text before that time automatically goes unanswered. Trying to date a beautiful girl is very intimidating! I'm constantly asking myself, "what do I say, how do I act?" Sometimes I even feel like I should have the inside scoop on this, being a girl and all. But it doesn't really help. The only thing I could come up with was to back off. And that's scary because she just might loose interest...right? I did get a random text one night that basically said, "Having so much fun at karaoke tonight, wish you were here with me." It was completely out of no where and nice to get the reassurance that we're in her thoughts. I've sent a couple of text like that back randomly, "thinking about you makes me smile" and stuff. She said she appreciated it. It's clear that the biggest hurdle right now is initiating an actual meet up. And in another text I made a straight forward comment that I hope the actual experience will compare to what I've dreamt up. She immediately shot back a text saying she is concerned about that too. Oh well, at least I know we are still on the same page.
For now I think the three of us have silently agreed to let it rest for a bit. Even though we work together it could be two weeks before I bump into her again...

like I said at the start of this post, I can't update as well when things are rockin'. I feel completely consumed by doubt and fear right now...nothing at all to do with love. I just found out that I scored 55% on my calc test I was so diligently studying for. It's killing me! I can't even begin to describe the ways that it's messing with my head. Something along the lines of three, long hard years, invested into my education and if I don't pull a B out of this class my whole goal/direction is slipping away. I hate math! I can't sleep, I can't relax, I'm so overwhelmed by the idea...
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