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There is a bitter sweetness to being closer for sure. I love having family so close and actually feeling like I can put effort into a place and know it will not be waisted.

My relationship with PN has become very relaxed and enjoyable and getting to help with LB is like having a second chance in raising a child but with the experience of already having a 17 year old. I'm there to help when asked in his case.

Our relationship is not so rushed anymore which may make it sem less urgent to spend time together. Like well fead animals we don't rush to the food bowl to gobble everything up because we know there is always more. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate it though.

Our private time is not as private but I am happy in what we have. Seeing you not struggle with being so far from your family is worth it for me

All in all I feel very good about our move. I'm a little disapointed that it is not everything you wish it could be but I think the trade off has been to our benefit. I sometimes think about our situation from an old perspective and wonder what we are doing and how it can last but those moments are fleeting and I slip back into just how much I love you. I am overjoyed at PN getting happier and more connected to you though

Life's pretty good for me

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