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Originally Posted by polychronopolous View Post
It's been 40 years and counting. Gays STILL don't have the right to marry.
Right, except in a few states.

Even getting a legal "Life partner" status to be able to share things like health insurance etc can be quite an ordeal. In many states the life partner status has to be brought before a judge who has months to review the request and decide whether or not it will be granted. Gays may have some basic rights, but they are certainly limited.
Of course. There's a way to go. But things are definitely changing, as also evidenced by the Don't Ask Don't Tell debate going on for the military now. I heard over 70% of Americans are in favor of gays being allowed to be "out" in the military, and over 80% of actual military ppl are in favor. That's a huge change from a decade or 2 ago!

Now if ppl would just stop (loudly) whispering, "That's a man" when my gf walks by them... We need more education about transgender in our schools, as we've had for race issues, religions, disabilities, gay issues.
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