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Stress = I need a shower for me. That's where I ground myself out the best, oddly enough. Most people need earth under their feet, but I need flowing water. Use to have a creek I'd stand in when I was younger, but no such thing here in MD.

I also build or "repair" Darkon weapons when I get angry or frusterated. Sometimes they don't even really need the repairs, but the idea of fixing or improving them always makes me feel acomplished in the end.

Meditation to high-energy music - trance or metal usually - also happens fairly often. Most people meditate to relax, I do it to alter my mood and recharge, or to focus on what I need to do next. I have an entire playlist on my MP3 player just for the hour or so before I go to fight at Darkon - music designed to get me focused on kicking ass and being the leader of a group of elite badasses
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