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Finding the right place in VA might be good as far as work goes. If you can find a large home. They pay 2000 dollars a month for day care. I know someone who left her husband converted her basement and now brings in 12,000 a month. She has to offer so many days in advance. Plus there are areas, where people could give two poops. But there are areas where it is very christain centric. Very rule but beautiful areas, and large homeschooling population. HSLDA is headquartered there.

California has horrible homeschooling laws and you should definately make that a factor in your search. NJ has some rule areas and people not caring good homeschooling laws and some good opportunity for rule land and computing distance for jobs. Not many people who care and rural area close enough to manhattan for their groups.

Home schooling laws are critical in this search as well. HSLDA has a list of them.
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