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Originally Posted by Jade View Post
It sounds, ultimately, like J trespassed on one of your boundaries. He might have meant he really didn't care about B's feelings, or he could have meant something different, like maybe whatever was being discussed was so important that to him, it superseded B's feelings. Whatever the case, the words bothered you. It sounds like maybe some other things are bothering you too. You are in a position to check J if he runs up against your boundaries. Don't hesitate to do it. Otherwise, the relationship will be too stressful to make it worthwhile.

Interesting. I guess I need to clearly define my boundaries. I am more of a wing it kind of girl...

I think I OVER reacted to what J said and I think that J is trying to deal with this whole thing.. he has very few prior relationships, He knew I was married but I don't think he's ever given thought to a relationship with a married woman much less a Poly one...

oh hell I don't know what I"m doing at this point.... I think that the way I work things out in my brain is to write them down and get input... it's working and I thank you.

off for more reading.
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