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No - I don't think you can choose your desires... But you do choose your actions, for sure.

For example, I never would have thought about any of this just a year ago. When Ouroboros opened my eyes to it, I began some really hard thinking and began to realize that my desires include: honesty, genuineness, openness, caring, love, and the list goes on.

I realized long ago that I never wanted to control another person, and that attractions to others can rarely be stifled... however, how you act upon those can be. I wonder sometimes if my ex could have been honest... I do not know if he was capable, not in HIS nature, unfortunately. Maybe he was too afraid.

So, Although I am new to this philosophy, I am choosing to explore polyamory. I have to think about it frequently, and it is not because of my current relationship. My current relationship is simply providing me a path towards something that I would probably, at this point, be curious about and explore regardless. I don't think I could ever pick apart if it is Natural or not.

Maybe it is Natural for me to think openly and question society, or maybe it is my upbringing...(although liberal, also VERY monogamy-leaning and following of the catholic faith)

Like others on here, I have had similar feelings when watching star wars, etc, wondering why they can't all be together, and just blowing it off, thinking that was a ridiculous notion!

So, Although people may have a desire to be polyamorous, or the desire to act upon attractions, they do not have to act upon them...

Although, think about the argument about same-sex love. Just because you don't have a SO, doesn't mean you are hetero.

Now, following that logic, does simply thinking poly make you poly, or is it the action that does?
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