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Originally Posted by MariusdeRomanus View Post

@NeonKaos: I was just wondering if there was an appropriate time to wait before bringing up problems... I certainly didn't want to intrude and be all "By the way, you're a shitty girlfriend" or something. I wouldn't want someone coming at me like that if someone I loved had just died, but I'd never had anything like that happen. I suppose it hardly matters now, since she broke up with me anyway and voided a reason for talks like that. ._.
Ugh, what a cluster-fuck (and not in a good way). And I seem to have rubbed Selene the wrong way in her blog-thread. Good thing I'm not part of your household, lol...

Don't know what to tell you except try to be a good FRIEND to Vegeta. That probably means giving her some space, alone or with Ariel.

What helps me when things are out of control (and I do not respond well to stress) is to be thankful for my health, and that could go south at any moment too.

Sorry I don't have anything more useful at this time.
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