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Default Well Whatever Then

After going home briefly for some lunch, Company, Andulvar and I were all greeted with Ariel coming to break up with us. She said she did a lot of soul-searching for herself and that Vegeta did the same, and they're certain that they're not polyamorous. I couldn't stop myself, and even though the things I said could never be faulted for anything, the tone was abrupt, abrasive, almost cold.

I can safely say that I am closing myself off for a little while right now. I want to say that I didn't have the time or the closeness necessary to form emotional bonds, but if that was absolutely never the case, I wouldn't have been dating them to begin with.

Andulvar didn't get those things, so he didn't care very much at all. Thunder didn't really get what he needed either, and he says he's used to getting bad news, so he was relatively fine. Selene... well, instead of letting them tell her themselves, because I knew she wasn't going to react well, I told her. True to her form, she didn't react well and asked me to tell them she didn't want to see or hear from them for a little while. Company isn't taking it very well either; he told me he feels betrayed, like he gave a part of himself to them and they ignored it or something.

We'll get over it eventually, but I don't think we're going to date anyone new. At least nobody except maybe Thunder, who doesn't have a primary and may want to find someone at some point. I suppose it's whatever, and we'll just get over it.

@NeonKaos: I was just wondering if there was an appropriate time to wait before bringing up problems... I certainly didn't want to intrude and be all "By the way, you're a shitty girlfriend" or something. I wouldn't want someone coming at me like that if someone I loved had just died, but I'd never had anything like that happen. I suppose it hardly matters now, since she broke up with me anyway and voided a reason for talks like that. ._.
"Love as thou wilt."

Company is my husband. I'm dating Selene, Ariel, Vegeta, Thunder, and Andulvar.

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