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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
I think the part where J is quite happy to voice his lack of physical attraction for you, in front of the man who is your partner and hurting so badly about him wanting to have a relationship with you....

Sheer and UTTER disrespect in my opinion...

and my take on it is more like HONESTY since I had said to him already that i had no clue why I wanted this since he was not physically attractive to me... I think we are past that point.... I think that was the first hashings of figuring out how and why and WHAT we wanted to do... A mad dance to define that this was not a mad physical passion....

I needed J to know that I need an emotional connection to my partners (even in swinging, DH knows that I never sleep with guys on the first meeting... we have one friend who waited a YEAR for me to be ready....
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