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Originally Posted by Catfish View Post
Firstly,wow, River. I really appreciate you. Like, you have no idea how well we would get along sitting across a table from each other with a few empty beer bottles between us. When I first joined this forum, it was your words that gave me the most insight. And now, after having grown in my love and stepped out onto thin ice once more, it's your words again that bring me the peace I've needed. Thank you.
I'd love to empty a couple of beers with you, friend! Too bad you two live so damn far away -- but you're always welcome if ever you find yourself in my part of the world.

I was just feeling slightly envious of you, actually. How's that for paradox? Well, you and RC are SO tight, your commitment and communication are SO solid, that you have this fantastic opportunity to face these demons with amazing empathetic support from your partner. And it's amazing because the two of you are each supported in feeling what you feel and expressing it -- in the context of great self and other trust.

I have much of this with my partner, but he's what I call a "low verbal" type, and I'm a "high verbal" type -- and this is a real challenge for both of us. Low verbal folks often lack the verbal talents to express themselves well in words, or to understand others when they do so. And they tend to be slow to
even try to do so -- and maybe especially toward a "high verbal" person(?). But we love each other tremendously. But it ain't always so easy!

Never forget how lucky you are -- both of you!
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