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Default Poly-Friendly Places to live... I suck at google search. :(

So-Maca and I are off the pity party about our attempted move that went to hell in a handbasket.

I thought I'd go online and search for ideas on places to move, because we are no longer bound to the Idaho/Washington area.

But-I can't freaking find anything worth a shit using google search. (I know-I'm internet illiterate)

I wanted to work towards finding out where the most poly-friendly laws were, then within those-the most poly-friendly communities and then go from there.

But I can't find shit.

We're a poly-quad that lives together and we're "out", with 4 kids still at home. So it's pretty important that we not move somewhere that we're going to get a lot of harassment about raising kids with 4 adults in the home...

Any suggestions?
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