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YOU are cute!
Aw shucks... lol someone had to think that eventually

ya know you hit it... the key... I really do get why B is scared. I'm not J's type at all... and he's made that clear (when he said he did not find me physically attractive B almost shot across the table to kill him)....
This raises red flags for me - not sure exactly why but there you go...

when I look at J I sort of cringe at the thought of it... cause he's so not my type physically but his personality and his brain draw me in....
Maybe the physical side of things should be taken off the table - if he is not your type, and you are not his type... develop the friendship... leave the possibility of physical relations open but off to the side until/if you are both comfortable??

lol yours is just as messy just in a different way
Smile! It makes people wonder what you've been up to

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