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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
If you aren't his type physically, and he is still intent on pursuing you.. that would suggest to me that there is some quite serious emotion on his side... of course not knowing him that is just my personal opinion... but in my experience... when you are outside of the "ideal" and still being pursued then there are definite connections there...

well... at least you know B is going to stick with you through thick and thin...
(sorry - it was begging for a giggle moment)

Really you need to sort out YOU, then you and B, then you and J... hopefully B and J will come to terms on their own as you become settled and stable...
YOU are cute!

ya know you hit it... the key... I really do get why B is scared. I'm not J's type at all... and he's made that clear (when he said he did not find me physically attractive B almost shot across the table to kill him).... I GET it cause I look at B and without him opening his mouth, he's my type physically but when I look at J I sort of cringe at the thought of it... cause he's so not my type physically but his personality and his brain draw me in....

I know where i am with me... I know where I am with B... it's just figuring out where I am with J, where J is with me (not that he knows either) and then having B and J work it out....
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