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Originally Posted by whatamIdoing View Post

I guess i need to add this: I've known J nearly 2 years... but he can't remember me because when I met him I was nearly 300 pounds... I've had gastric bypass (so has B) and I'm down over 120 pounds from my heaviest.... and while B loved me fat and loves me thin... J only has THIN as his frame of reference for me.... even pictures of me from that time don't jog his memory of me... even with that, I'm still NOT his type physically...
If you aren't his type physically, and he is still intent on pursuing you.. that would suggest to me that there is some quite serious emotion on his side... of course not knowing him that is just my personal opinion... but in my experience... when you are outside of the "ideal" and still being pursued then there are definite connections there...

well... at least you know B is going to stick with you through thick and thin...
(sorry - it was begging for a giggle moment)

Really you need to sort out YOU, then you and B, then you and J... hopefully B and J will come to terms on their own as you become settled and stable...
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