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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post

thats what I feel... for both of them... physical touch is how I express love, when I can't express physically I go all.... gooey and supportive... given that both T and K are LDR's for me (They live in same town and I am on other side of bloody world - visit once a year) they get the mind melt a whole lot more than anything else and for me and T we have met in person twice... thats it... in K's company and that was last year. K pushed for us to start talking before that... he and T were best friends, and I was his girl... what a mess.

oh wow! your mess is well.. MESSY... and I am so so sorry for your pain

i'm amazed that this thread is finally about what i really need it to be about... LOL

I am scared that J feeds my brain... B can't do that... for various reasons... J can.. J makes me THINK... B make it easy.... J is a challenge.

I guess i need to add this: I've known J nearly 2 years... but he can't remember me because when I met him I was nearly 300 pounds... I've had gastric bypass (so has B) and I'm down over 120 pounds from my heaviest.... and while B loved me fat and loves me thin... J only has THIN as his frame of reference for me.... even pictures of me from that time don't jog his memory of me... even with that, I'm still NOT his type physically...
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