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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
Glad to know I am helping... in a lot of ways we are in the same situation - except I am at the point where I no longer am able to have any communication with T, and K feels the way B does (except K is not letting me run with it - he has baggage and I am trying to be sooooo respectful, but its such a hard slog and I feel as though I am compromising myself and my integrity by not running with it - at least to the extent of exploring openly with T where those feelings go...)

I get the impression that K and T were much closer friends (than B and J) as it was T who broke off communication with us, ironically to protect our (mine and K's) relationship... hopefully we will start moving forward soon.

Anyway, lots of talking is key - I didn't talk enough and I didn't face myself soon enough... whether or not it is repairable is something I long to find out.

hugs to you my friend...
I think B feels he has no choice but to let me run....

B and J knew each other but very very very casually... not friends just from the gaming circles as most of our crowd knows J....
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