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bigtime squeezy hugs...

perhaps some boundaries where you have the option to explore the emotional side of things...

B might be red flagging because he can sense that its not just NSA anymore... He feels threatened and - as you are not sure yourself what is going on - he has every right to... Sort things out with B, be as honest as you can - then be more honest (trust me I am in this spot myself right now and damn is it painful)... If things with J are meant to be... he'll be there when you and B are sorted (not suggesting you stop contact - but) very firm boundaries for now - give a time period if you need - but B needs you to put him first for a bit, and he needs you to know what you're doing, and so do you...

J might not care what B is feeling but, he should care what you are feeling and its not ok for him to ignore the stress he is putting you through... tell him to give you time/space whatever you need to sort things out with B... if he ignores your need to do that... I doubt he is going to understand that B will always be there, and will always be a priority in your mind...

I think that makes sense... :P
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