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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
That strikes a red flag for me - probably a baggage thing of mine...

what does he say on the phone/ face to face about where he see's it heading?

do we have a head banging smiley... this is all so NEW... our only time face to face was at the last con we snuck about an hour of talk time late one night to AGREE to have NSA sex... that was what we AGREED to...

and as we started emailing it started MORPHING... I never expected to be POLY... I just thought he would be a regular long term once in a while friend with benefits... he is single never married... and as he said 'what guy in his right mind would turn down NSA sex???"

WE have not had any other face time to discuss where we are going or how we feel... we've had ONE phone convo... but he has said things like:

"we have to get comfortable with each other before we attend that kind of party" (a swing party---and then I put him in his place that he would NEVER attend a swing party with me as that is not where HE is slotted for me in MY life... I have a perfectly good husband I swing with....)

on my saying something he sent me broadened my horizons "hmmm so much you shall learn" (this set my DOM flags waving... dude I'm the TEACHER here...)

ok i'm getting way too deep here... so many other things he says that indicate to me he sees this long term...

he and I are making plans to get together on January 8th and he's suggesting plans that will put us too far from his place for what I refer to as "adult time"... he's suggesting plans that are downright DATE like...

and his emails that I tried to keep light and fun and flirty... well I hear about all the problems at work and his family... that's girlfriend treatment to me and he started that from step one....

so if you WANTED NSA sex why are you treating me like a girlfriend???? (see this is what made me think that i needed to look at POLY for us...
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