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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
Hugs - big squeezy ones -
I hesitate to suggest that you should let them work it out for themselves... My situation is similar - just further down the exploded friendship line... be gentle with them

oh thanks I love hugs...

I am going to let them work it out. The issue is that given the natural turn of events they will only have to deal with each other face to face twice a year once for a weekend and once for a week... (and that week is what scares me and have me having nightmares of them hashing out CUSTODY of me at night..)

Of course.. J was just supposed to be NSA sex for me... and now he's talking about coming down here for weekends for gaming... OUCH... that's on B's turf during his TIME.... and normally would not be an issue as ALL are welcome for our gaming events.... but this made the hair on the back of my neck stand up... J talked like it was NSA sex and nothing involved until we started emailing.. and then the phone call cemented that he sees this as a long term thing where we will be part of each others lives but to a minimal extent. Sadly that would impact on B.... who does not want to even see J at this point...

my head hurts... I feel like the stress on B may not be worth it.
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