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Default New here. New to poly. Just.. new.

I was going to go into a long drawn out explanation of what's going on with me... but I"m not sure if I'm ready for that yet. Been lurking around for a few days, and I like what I've seen here so far - a diverse group with lots of opinions, but everyone seems respectful of each other.

Slight background: I'm a straight female late 30's. I've been separated from my husband (who is Mono) since June, and we were together for 14 1/2 years prior to that (married for 13 1/2 years). I began to come to terms with the fact that I'm poly about a year ago.

I have a wonderful boyfriend who lives a few hours north of me, and another who lives a few hours south. In both cases the boyfriends have their own primaries. Both do a great job of making me feel like I am the center of their world when we visit with each other.

I'm still navigating my way through the waters, and coming to terms with my roles in each of the relationships. I'm also, honestly, not sure right now I am ready to have a primary of my own.

(BTW - my ex husband and I are still very close friends. We just realized we were not functioning well as a married couple, but do function well as friends, and are approaching the breakup in what I think is a very adult manner. By the same token - he doesn't directly know that I'm dating yet, though i'm sure he has his suspicions. Why rock the boat?)

Anyway - I am looking forward to getting to know all of you.

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