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Originally Posted by Erin View Post
I have nooooo idea where Farmer City is, unless of course if that's a joke because we have soooo many corn fields! ha ha

We experienced our first snowfall of the season tonight... just in time to pull out my little Cmas tree

How can you still be awake at 5 am - unless of course if you don't have a job, are in college, or are getting ready for work! I'm ready to hit the hay (pun intended) soon myself ::yawns::
No, it's definitely a real place, not so strangely, with a lot of crop harvest too, including corn. ^_^

First snowfall here was about a week ago. I can't rmemeber the last time it snowed in November. The first time it snowed on christmas in many years last year... and they say the world is getting warmer? Just take a look at this thick snow! >.<

As for being up at half 5 in the morning... I'm 18, no job, just left college and am just a night time person by nature. I generally sleep through the day. Even when I try to regulate my sleeping pattern like these regular humans, I still bounce right back to being awake through the night. It just suits me I guess.
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