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That's an interesting remark. I believe it's true when love, caring and devotion is involved. Sleeping around just to compensate low self esteem or because one can only feel lust while having sex might lead somewhere else, this can be bad for others and for yourself. A person must know what one does, what's good in their situation or try it out. Yet to share with friends or people you could become friends with sounds better to me.

You might be in a stage of your life where you want to live promiscuity, date differend people. That's all right, but you should think about it: Is it adequate or possible with a partner who wants to have a steady relationship or who would already feel bad, when you had only one other lover? Even if you seperate, you could still be friends. Well, sometimes it works, often not. There might be more possibilities for positive changes than there seem to be.
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