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@ sage
That sounds so sweet, your little "bedtime" ritual

And I hear you, 6 weeks apart sounds rough. Wow. That will be a major thing, it sounds like. Scary! And we'll be here to hear you out and hopefully some wonderful piece will come out of it for you both as well.

I'm feeling quite relaxed while R is on a date tonight with a mutual friend who is passing through (though i'm chomping down on chocolate and almonds and cranberries ), and i am so happy i'm not freaking out. usually i am sitting here holding back from walking by his window or counting the minutes until he IMs me saying he's up for connecting or saying goodnight (we live in a community of 100 people so we live in different houses but it's all a bit like college dorms); but tonight i'm not really counting the minutes and feel good and not preoccupied. how weird. i wonder if it's because it's new or she doesn't live here or if i just had a shift of heart and feel more secure in myself....

sending you love
- marta
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