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I'm a lot more open to things then my hubby is. Which isn't a fault, it's just how he is at this point in his life.
We agreed that for now, what would work for us is someone a bit more equal, that way there everyone can get used to the idea, ya know?
I've said from the get that he needs another wife, 9 years later he's coming around to the idea of having a third to share our lives with. So who knows, I've said today off and on that it all would be easier if we both sought girlfriends independently, on top of the odds, we're polar opposites, I'm surprised we work, finding someone else to love both of us and our extreme differences is going to be a greater challenge, but perhaps worth it, who knows.
We said before that if things weren't felt by one of us that it wouldn't go on, but perhaps over time that will change so we can really enjoy things with lower odds of heartache.
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